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How to get the best from the FOCUS Gym – download pdf.

Please Note:

in the interests of safety, because of the nature of the psychological VisualisAction techniques conducted at the FOCUS Gym sessions, it should not be listened to whilst driving or when doing any other activity for which full attention is required.

Sessions for the next few days

Visual-is-ACTION toolkit

How to get the best from the Visual-is-ACTION techniques – download pdf

The following audios are approximately 10 minutes long and are designed to be listened to when sitting comfortably, probably listening through headphones. DO NOT listen while driving or engaged in any other actiity that requires your full attention.

1. Forward Thinking – for opportunity focus. Download the mp3

2. The Lift – for your BIG Vision. Download the mp3

3. Image Immersion – for your life and business goals (for this technique you need to hava a picture of one of your goals available – see pdf instructions above). Download the mp3

4. The Star Card – for your current ASMs (for this technique you have to have your Star Card available – see pdf instructions above). Download the mp3


In addition… here are some templates and audios you can use to help you develop greater focus.

ASMs (audio). Phil talks live about this key concept – Download the mp3

The Key Factor (audio). Phil talks live about this key concept – Download the mp3

The LifeMap – click to download

It’s important to be focused on the right things of course, and all our goals are different. In general, people have around 6 key areas to their lives (such as personal, career, business, social, spiritual, hobby/ interest, etc). For each of these areas, map out the goals you have – use simple words or phrases, and plenty of colour and symbols to make your LifeMap as engaging as possible.

The Magic Timetable – click to download

Each week, have an overall plan or timetable, to help ensure you invest most time and energy in those areas that are most important to you. I recommend setting this up before the week begins, and you can be as detailed as you wish. This certainly helps you to see where to focus each day.

The Weekly Highlights

It’s good to review your progress, and I have found over the years that doing so on a Friday afternoon can act as an invaluable form of “self-coaching”. Here is a template to help.

As a member of The Focus Gym, feel free to forward yours to us by email- it can help if you share your success with others who are able to help and support you.

The Golden Hour

an hour a day, keeps procrastination away!

Please note:We trust that all members will respect and appreciate that all materials in this area, including the recorded sessions, are provided for the use of FOCUS Gym members only. Any unauthorised copying or broadcasting, including online or via social media sites, will be deemed a breech of copyright. Thank you.