With 30 years experience of working from home, Phil Olley had helped thousands of companies, teams and individuals to help them focus, increase productivity and improve results, particularly in times of change, adversity, and turbulence.
In the current climate, businesses, leaders, and managers face a very new challenge.
– How to keep their people productive in turbulent times, within a new business climate, whilst working from home.
• How do you overcome procrastination and distraction when all around is uncertain, and when many people face considerable adversity?
• How do you balance working productively when in an environment usually associated with relaxation and family?
• How do you ensure the key actions are being completed that will create the results the business needs to achieve, to give you competitive advantage?
• How do you make sure the health and well-being, physical and psychological, of every person in the team is being looked after?
• How do you develop, and maintain, a new level of connection between each team member, between the leader and the team, and between every person in the team and the goals of the business?

Imagine a Gym… for your focus.
… a Gym that helps you get Focused for the day ahead… every day.
A gym that creates…
• The right Mindset
• The Focus required
• A clear Daily Action Plan
• Balance and Well-being
• A high-quality regime
In times of turmoil, people default to habits…
And those habits are clearly impacted by the environment. For people working from home, the environment is very different to that which they’re used to. Especially if they’re expected to work from home over a prolonged period.

The Focus Gym
• What if you started everyday focused, clear about the day’s priorities, in the right mindset, ready for a productive output?
• What if you were able to create the mindset that allows you to deliver on productivity, and also enjoy family time, and personal well-being?
• What if you were able to feel you were actually achieving, rather than just going through the motions of working from home?
• What if you felt that connection at the start of the day, with other people in same position as you?
• What if you, as employer, manager, team leader knew that your people were starting the day in the right mind-frame, focused on the day ahead, positive, motivated, and ‘on side’?
In times of adversity and challenge, The Focus Gym is a means of creating clarity and a highly-productive mindset for anyone, regardless of their roles, and regardless of where they’re working.

How does the Focus Gym work?
The FOCUS Gym includes:
• a daily 7-minute zoom session, led by Phil Olley, one of the UK’s leading specialists in personal and professional focus. This is designed to:
– Create the right mental focus for the day ahead
– Identify the action-achievement goals for the day
– Prioritise the key results for the day
– Create a daily action plan (as opposed to just a ‘to do list’) using three power questions
• email support… a regular tipsheet packed with tools and techniques for enhanced focus and productivity.
• Weekly highlights emails… how to make sure there’s a clear output from the week, and that your employees can go into the weekend feeling upbeat, emotionally supported, and having a sense of achievement.

Investment levels
There are three investment levels:
For up to 12 employees, up to 50 employees, and up to 100 employees.

Please note: this is a bespoke service for your company.
Your company will have a Focus Gym slot each day, every day, Monday – Friday.

If you’d like to discuss, specifically, how this works and how The Focus Gym can have an impact for your company, ensuring you gain and maintain competitive advantage in the current business environment, contact my PA, Sharon, to arrange a call …