The Business Focus Group

If you are

  • Business owner-manager of an SME with turnover 1-20m
  • Director of a family business
  • Principal in a Professional Service Firm

…and you want to

  • Step-change your business to a new level of success
  • Dramatically increase sales, profit and cash-flow
  • Simplify your business to multiply results
  • Have more freedom, more control and more time off to enjoy life

… then you’ve come to the right place.

Now, imagine being part of a group of like-minded, ambitious, successful business people… all directors of SMEs, owners of family businesses, or partners in professional service firms…

A group that meets regularly (once per quarter), where people travel from all over the country to share their ideas, experience and expertise.

A group that encourages you, provides accountability, and creates momentum for your business growth.

A group where mutual respect, support, and professional integrity are paramount so that you can share ideas confidentially, and develop yourself and your business, and at the same time help others to do the same in their field.

Such a group exists…

The Business Focus Group (BFG)

To join this group of select business-people

Membership of The Business Focus Group provides you with the accountability, momentum and encouragement to implement the changes you want to make, effectively and consistently. Here, you’ll meet many new business allies in a positive business environment; and many, over time, will become friends. You will feel like you have found exactly what was missing! “It’s like coming home!!”

Qualification Criteria

To gain the most from membership of The BFG, it is likely that you will be in one of two categories


  • Owner-manager, or director of a business with a turnover up to £20m
  • Partner in a professional service firm/ consultant/ financial planner/ coach, with a personal income in the order of £125,000 +

The Business Focus Group is not for everyone however, and is reserved for those who are genuinely serious about creating a brilliant business.
It’s about making sure there’s a good fit before we start working together…
In attending, you can be assured that you’ll be amongst a select group of like-minded, forward-thinking, business people.

Why not join me and the group…
I look forward to welcoming you, personally, and to working with you.

If you’re thinking “this could be for me” click the button, and let’s at least have a chat to make sure it fits.

To find out whether there’s a good fit for you, click the button to arrange a “Chemistry Call” with Phil.

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“Your presentation was inspirational – and practical – and fun!”
Peter Thomson, The UK’s Most Prolific Product Creator
“…a fantastic success and your session ended the day perfectly. It certainly stuck with the teams as the following day I witnessed teams setting their own visions which were way above the targets we had set them!”
Jim Hughes, Pepsico