Blueprint for a Brilliant Business Masterclass

-A 2-Day Masterclass-

For successful, creative, ambitious business professionals.

You know how in business, as the business owner, it can be a real challenge to find the time to rise above the day-to-day, get strategic and lead the business forward.

Ironically, the two main reasons people go into business in the first place – more freedom and more control – are the first things that get sacrificed on the altar of running your own business.

Many business people don’t feel they are doing the sort of great work they set out to do, or working to any real plan… most of the time it can feel like you’re simply reacting, rather than being proactive.

In the past few years I’ve heard many business owners tell me when we first meet that they are almost at the end of their tether… that they are ready for a revolution…

My 2-day masterclass, titled “Blueprint for a Brilliant Business”, is designed with this in mind…

It’s a Strategic Retreat for Business Owners, Directors of small family firms, and partners in professional service firms – people like you…

This is for you
if you are a…
– business owner
– director of a family business
– partner in a professional service firm (accountant, solicitor, financial planner, dentist, architect, consultant etc)

And you
– want to rise above the “day-to-day”, get strategic, and step up into a new league
– have gone “off the boil” slightly and need to get back to your best
– are embracing a fresh challenge, stretching to new levels of success

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What’s it all about ?

– Simplify your Business, Multiply your Results –

This is an interactive masterclass, with case-studies, exercises, and personal support from Phil, to help you implement a toolkit of tried, tested and proven strategies so that you achieve greater results, accelerated success, and more freedom in your business life.

You’ll discover strategies including …

1. How to turn goal-setting into goal-getting
– so that you can enjoy the freedom, control, quality of life, and personal rewards for being in business.

2. How to create your compelling 3-Year Masterplan
– and how to avoid the 7 big mistakes people make when creating a growth plan.

3. Implementation
– how to turn the growth plan into action; including a 5-part formula for immediate bold breakthroughs.

4. Focus
– discover the biggest barrier to focus and how you can overcome it every day – effortlessly – so that you can stay strategic, remain in control, and are able to deploy your unique talent to greatest effect
– and how you can simplify your business to multiply results.

5. Sustainability
– how to stay on track and maintain your competitive advantage through a series of simple mechanisms to deploy within your business
– and how to carry your team with you, buying in to your purpose and vision to create world-class results.


This 2-days will change the way you view your business, forever. I promise!

So, if you’re thinking “this could be for me” click the button, and let’s at least have a chat to make sure it fits.

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About the Two-Day Masterclass

You join Phil and a select group of delegates, for this full 2-day masterclass – an interactive, fully facilitated strategic retreat.

Numbers are deliberately limited, so that you will gain most from the experience, and meet with like-minded professional business people… a great networking opportunity, in a convivial atmosphere.

Day One – We begin at 9.30am with an overview of Phil’s strategic principles, and the rest of the day is invested in building your Business Vision and Master Plan.
A workbook and sundry additional materials are provided, along with Phil’s unique “Stratagrams” (Strategic Diagrams) and templates for you to utilise, take away, and master.
The evening is your own, although w often have a formal meal together in a private dining setting. You may also wish to work on some of the additional elements Phil has given you through the day – the masterclass room remains open for you to be able to do so, and Phil is on hand to provide personal support.

Day Two – begins with an (optional) surprise element – don’t worry, nothing too demanding, but definitely thought-provoking.
It’s then into the implementation, focus and sustainability elements of the blueprint – crucial, as every business person knows, to turning the plans into action… and Phil’s specific toolkit is designed to ensure you see tangible results within 28 days of working with the material.
The masterclass finishes at 4pm on the second afternoon, so that everyone can get home in good time.
I promise, you will be in one of those “can’t wait to get started tomorrow morning” moods!

You will emerge with…
– clarity, zest, and a renewed passion for your purpose.
– practical, proven, and specific strategies for growth.
– a compelling, simple, action plan with a toolkit for sustainable focus and ongoing success.

Note : this is not a quick fix, but you will notice tangible results within 28 days of working with the concepts, the growth material, and the toolkit.

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“Phil helped us transform our whole view of not only the business but our lives as a whole. If you are serious about the growth of your business, about achieving even more than you ever imagined you could, we could not suggest a better person than Phil to work with. He was able to provide specific ideas for our growth, and both challenge and support us.”
Dwynwen Williams, Director, ATOM PR.

“The best seminar I’ve ever been to as it stretched me, made me question a lot of things, and still managed to be fun. I couldn’t sleep last night for excitement about what I am now going to do.”
Christine Fieldhouse, Author and Journalist.

“In the time I’ve known and worked with Phil Olley, my business turnover has multiplied 11-fold… and rising! And I’ve got a happy team, great clients, and more time off to enjoy my life!”
Dennis Jack, MD, Textile Care Supplies.

“Inspirational – and practical – and fun!”
Peter Thomson, The UK’s most prolific product creator and Business Growth Specialist.

“A must for anyone serious about their business.”
Harry Fordyce, Kingsgate Law.

“Very professional and original. The concepts are brilliant!”
Susan Worthington, Financial Planner, Blevins Franks International.

“I embarked on working with Phil with some trepidation… I was certainly sceptical, but I knew I did need some help and advice, so I thought ‘what have I got to lose?’ Well, after just one session with Phil I was converted. He helped me regain focus, a new belief in myself, and zest for life and business that I haven’t felt in all my years in business. I am now waking before the alarm clock, raring to go every day, and even those closest to me have noticed a shift in my approach. The use of Phil’s toolkit has resulted in a massive boost to me, both personally and professionally.”
Paul Riordan, MD, No.9 Steel Ltd.

“Where to start?
My whole attitude and outlook have completely changed.
A confidence was stirred from within that I didn’t realise I had, we are now getting on brilliantly and achieving great results.
We smashed our income target and ended up 49% up against 2012.
I literally cannot thank you enough for the wisdom that you imparted and the impact that you have had – it has changed everything!”
Aimee Roberts.

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Book your Place

2016 Masterclasses
Venue: Warwickshire/ Midlands. Hotel/ venue details to be advised.
Dates 29-30 June 2016
and 20-21 October 2016.
Ticket: £ 997 + VAT

Note: If you do want your management team/ fellow directors to attend, second and subsequent places are priced at just £500 +VAT per person.

Book a ‘Chemistry’ Call with Phil

Book a ‘Chemistry’ Call with Phil


“Your presentation was inspirational – and practical – and fun!”
Peter Thomson, The UK’s Most Prolific Product Creator
“…a fantastic success and your session ended the day perfectly. It certainly stuck with the teams as the following day I witnessed teams setting their own visions which were way above the targets we had set them!”
Jim Hughes, Pepsico