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"The 9 Reasons Businesses Fail to Achieve Their True Potential...
...and what to do about it!"

by Phil Olley

The UK's leading specialist on personal and business FOCUS

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Let's begin our relationship by me giving you your FREE copy of "The Business Breakthrough Report – The 9 Reasons Businesses Fail to Achieve their True Potential" – unwitting mistakes that cost businesses 1000s every month and decades of lost time.


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Is it really possible to double your sales turnover, explode your profitability, and seriously triple the time off you enjoy? Yes!


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97% of business owners, professional practices, consultants, and small businesses fail to achieve their full potential. 80% fail within the first 5 years, and 80% of the remainder within the next five.


Many of those that remain are merely surviving; and certainly not doing the sort of great business they started out hoping they would do, with all the freedom and control they wished for… hardly thriving!


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