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“A fantastic experience. It came at a perfect time for me and allowed me to finish the year on a positive note in many areas of my life. It has changed me, changed my life and will continue to do so.”

Anne Wilson, Bank of Scotland

“The follow-up helped to make sure this was not just another course folder to put on the shelf”

David Giblin, Shell

“All who listened to Phil were impressed and motivated by what they heard. Make sure you have the opportunity yourself to listen to Phil Olley sometime in the future.”

David Strachan, Chairman, LIA North Scotland

“Excellent – very tailored, flexible to my needs and a great learning opportunity. Excellent initiative – everyone should do it.”

FemkeNorgaard, Johnson & Johnson

“Of great value. I feel I have gained confidence, motivation and a positive attitude to life. The motivating aspect is probably the thing I will continue to use most – wanting to do something and just going ahead and doing it!”

Ian Haythornthwaite, Halifax plc

“Kick-started” me into action! Made me focus, take responsibility for my goals, and do something about them.

Julie Coxall, Bank of Scotland

“It is one of the most enjoyable events that I’ve been on. The content was inspiring and extremely well delivered.”

Laura Thom, Involve!

“Phil’s unique style of interactive presentation gave the audience exposure to his ideas by encouraging reaction. He has the edge on other motivational speakers as he not only points out our objectives, needs and opportunities, but inspires and encourages action from his audience. He is a dynamic force and makes a significant impact on any audience.”

Lynn Barron-Ladd, Chairman, FWIB

“A very concentrated collection of ideas and techniques which have practical application in the workplace.”

Malcolm Barron, Fife Careers

“One of the most valuable experiences of my life. I have taken control of my actions and reactions to improve my life on both a personal and work basis.”

Margaret Barnett, Bank of Scotland


“Excellent. It ensured I focus on my working practices and successes on a daily basis, plus it offered fresh an practical insights into my working life. It opened my eyes to new ways of thinking and acting. It also provide me with support and encouragement.”
Richard Alsford, National Account Manager, L’Oreal
“Thank you for speaking at our recent sales meeting. I know from the feedback from our development team that they thoroughly enjoyed your contribution to the day. Everyone is now running scared of Jim given his new-found strength.”
Kevin McLeod, Regional Director of Sales, Bank of Scotland