The New Money Paradigm

How to create personal prosperity in turbulent times

Over 20+ years of helping people to achieve greater results and fulfilment in their lives, Phil Olley has come to recognise certain characteristics of people’s relationship with money that have a hugely significant impact on the levels of success they enjoy.

Packed with practical tools, techniques and strategies for improving your relationship with your finances, this book also focuses on your mindset around wealth. It illustrates one fundamental fact. A truth that hit Phil square between the eyes a number of years ago. A truth which is so simple that it is frequently overlooked.

You will also discover:

  • How to re-programme a more powerful Financial Thought-Print
  • The 17 Fundamentals of Financial Control
  • How to identify and use your Unique Talent
  • How to use your resources for maximum effect

Please note: this is not about ‘getting-rich-quick’.
However, using the tools and techniques in the book you will notice some significant, specific, and tangible results within 28 days.