Reflections from the White Tunnel

Phil’s third book revisits his near death experience, and he connects that moment of clarity with his NEXUS Code and the work he has done ever since; working with people to improve their level of success in business, in their careers, and in every aspect of their life.

The book is designed for those who

  • Want to change the way they are living and the results they are getting.
  • Believe there’s got to be a better way of living than what they are currently doing.
  • Are aware there’s an untapped potential they want to uncover in their own lives.
  • Are imaginative, creative, intelligent enough to realise that growth is essential, change is essential, and that it’s no good settling for a life way below that which you are truly capable of.

It’s also for those who are fascinated by the near-death experience… and who want to draw lessons and insights from such events, in the search to understand their significance and make sense of life.