In-House Performance Programmes


As well as providing keynote speeches at conferences, Phil is often asked to work “in-house” with organisations to:

  • Increase company profitability
  • Improve individual and team performance
  • Enhance Focus, develop excellent business behaviours, and inject fresh business zest!

This might simply be a one-off session to inject extra focus, energy and “enthusi-ACTION” to your team,


it might take the form of one of Phil’s more in-depth programmes:

Guerrilla Tactics for Business Breakthroughs

A Two-Day Masterclass for business leaders and management teams

The World has changed so dramatically that just being the company of yesterday is not going to help meet the challenges of today and tomorrow.

The future belongs to those businesses and organisations that can create a powerful “Cause”, embrace a new set of tactics, and foster a results focus that is sustained for maximum growth.

This is a fully supported programme to help delegates:

  • Get away from “business as usual” – rise above the day-to-day, get Strategic
  • break the mould, and use Phil’s Generative Thinking toolkit to produce leaps in performance.
  • Apply the psychology of achievement in a business environment.
  • Use “Action Levers” to enhance focus, get out of the “stagnant quagmire”, and generate fresh results.

The Masterclass focuses on:

  • Creating your Business Blueprint – a clear Business Vision and a Master Plan of how to get there, using Phil’s unique Business “Stratagrams”.
  • How to identify and incorporate the key strategies that will allow you to make a breakthrough, create a cultural shift, and implement the change you want.
  • How to simplify and systemise the business to maximise results in the “New World Order”.

You’ll emerge with increased clarity of Vision, an action plan of how to get there, and the generative thinking toolkit and mechanisms to immediately put it all into place in your business.

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Peak Performance in Sales


A full performance programme for Sales teams who want to

  • Dramatically increase sales and profitability
  • Generate exceptional levels of performance, consistently
  • Regain focus, and the winning mindset.

This is not just about getting more motivated, or feeling better about business. Phil expects tangible results within 28 days of using his very specific techniques, where you notice a difference in performance and on your bottom-line profitability.

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We are always open to creating bespoke development programmes, and the content is always highly tailored to your circumstances and requirements.

Initial “Trailer” session

Before embarking on the programmes, a “trailer/taster session” is recommended, to give you and your team a sense of Phil’s style, and so you can see the sort of areas that will be covered. This is also an opportunity for Phil to get a real sense of the company, your team, and also to see whether there’s a good fit too.
The exact nature of this session will depend on circumstances, and will be tailored to your needs.

Workshop series

As an alternative to the masterclass format (above), a series of workshops may be preferred, allowing the material to be covered in bite-sized chunks.
This is particularly valuable where it is difficult to take the whole team out of the business for a full masterclass and where a series of regular group workshops is preferred.

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So often, training seminars and workshops give you a cluster of new tools and you go away with a whole load of new “stuff” to try and do. Returning to an in-tray the size of a landfill site, it’s no wonder most of that new “stuff” doesn’t get done.

Traditional training suffers because soon after the course, the enthusiasm and commitment wanes, and faced with the “day-to-day”, most people fail to implement any of the new ideas or learning.

Which is why Phil’s programmes are all about implementation…

The uniqueness of our follow-up ensures each delegate gets to put into practice what they have committed to, so that the company gets value where it needs to see results – back in the working world.

Each delegate is assigned their own external professional coach (like a top athlete would have a personal coach) who works with them over a period of 4 –6 weeks after the course to “make it happen”.

“Helped to make sure this was not just another course folder to put on the shelf.”

David Giblin, Shell.

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What the clients say…

“Extremely useful, it has led me to being more positive minded, ensure I lead my own life and career where I want to go. It has resulted in me being opportunity focused, and being more positive which has helped me achieve greater results”.
Richard Raper, Kelloggs

“Extremely useful – I look forward to the sessions and feel motivated after them…Definite improvement in time-management”.
Rob Nash, Kelloggs

“It has helped me begin to deal with my fear of failure”.
Richard Harrison, Kelloggs

“Extremely useful and motivational… provided focus in achieving goals”.
James Du-Cann, Kelloggs

“Excellent – it ensures I focus on and evaluate my working practices and successes / failures on a daily basis, plus it offers fresh and practical insight into my working life.
I think I will miss the opportunity to be challenged and questioned on a regular basis. I would like the coaching to continue.
It has opened my eyes to new ways of thinking and acting. It also provides me with the support and encouragement that is often missing within the L’Oreal culture.

The process is way better than expected.”

Richard Alsford (National Account Manager, L’oreal)

“Absolutely fantastic – great learning experience. I have learnt the value of mindchangers, setting objectives and how to use words and actions to achieve positive results. Above all, I’ll take with me motivation, confidence, and future plans.”
Sarah Welch (National Account Manager, L’Oreal)

“Thank you for the coaching – it has been great!

The coaching was the most important factor for me to really get into the areas of my personal development which I wanted. Not only did the coaching force me to re-look at the training material, it also provided me with a unique opportunity to discuss, learn, and correct the action I took, and helped me stay focused on my targets.”
Frank Boutrup, Business Development Manager, 3M

“Thank you for your superb contribution last week. It was exactly what was needed. You will be pleased to know that every delegate spoke extremely highly of your contribution on their feedback forms and there is no greater accolade than that.”
Mick Knight, Sales Training Manager, Scottish Equitable

“Thank you for speaking at our recent sales meeting. I know from the feedback from our development team that they thoroughly enjoyed your contribution to the day. Everyone is now running scared of Jim given his new-found strength.”
Kevin McLeod, Regional Director of Sales, Bank of Scotland

Our April meeting produced a brilliant presentation from Phil Olley. Phil gave us an exceptional insight into our own internal thought processes, producing fast and fluent ideas in his own incomparable style.
Bob Marshall, Chairman, LIA; as reported in Prospect magazine

Phil’s unique style of interactive presentation gave the audience exposure to his ideas by encouraging reaction. He has the edge on other motivational speakers as he not only points out our objectives, needs and opportunities, but inspires and encourages action from his audience. He is a dynamic force and makes a significant impact on any audience.
Lynn Barron-Ladd, Chairman, Fife Women in Business

All who listened to Phil were impressed and motivated by what they heard. Make sure you have the opportunity yourself to listen to Phil Olley sometime in the future.
David Strachan, Chairman, LIA North Scotland

“…a fantastic success and your session ended the day perfectly. It certainly stuck with the teams as the following day I witnessed teams setting their own visions which were way above the targets we had set them!”
Jim Hughes, Pepsico

“ Absolutely fantastic – great learning experience. I have learned the value of Mindchangers, setting objectives and how to use words and actions to achieve positive results. Above all, I’ll take with me motivation, confidence and future plans.”
Sarah Welch, National Acount Manager, L’Oreal

Simple straightforward effective ways to impact my business right now !
David Chasseriaud. Shorequest

A fantastic experience. It came at a perfect time for me and allowed me to finish the year on a positive note in many areas of my life. It has changed me, changed my life and will continue to do so.
Anne Wilson, Bank of Scotland

“The follow-up helped to make sure this was not just another course folder to put on the shelf”
David Giblin, Shell

“Kick-started” me into action! Made me focus, take responsibility for my goals, and do something about them.
Julie Coxall, HBoS

Fascinating range of tools and techniques which I am sure will help me to be more effective at work and in my life. Very Relaxed, non-threatening environment. Pleasure to be involved.
Marian Sherwood. Scottish Enterprise Fife

Excellent. There was not one part of the programme that I did not find useful, and the whole programme was a very powerful and positive experience.
Angela McIntyre, HBoS

“Very professional and original. The concepts are brilliant!”
Susan Worthington, Blevins Franks International. 

Brilliant, practical and useful with ideas that can be done easily.
Sarah Warrener

An excellent course, good confidence booster.
Isabel Young, Oriel Training Services

Inspiring and motivating. Thank you.
Elaine Bielinska, Advance Project

Have really valued your input. You have added a dimension that really has added value.
Maureen Ward, Advance Project

It is one of the most enjoyable events that I’ve been on. The content was inspiring and extremely well delivered.
Laura Thom, Involve!

Great! (Also great fun!)
Carolynn Anderson, Advance Project

“Of great value. I feel I have gained confidence, motivation and a positive attitude to life. The motivating aspect is probably the thing I will continue to use most – wanting to do something and just going ahead and doing it!”
Ian Haythornthwaite, HBoS

“Excellent – very tailored, flexible to my needs and a great learning opportunity. Excellent initiative – everyone should do it.”
Femke Norgaard, Johnson & Johnson

One of the most valuable experiences of my life. I have taken control of my actions and reactions to improve my life on both a personal and work basis.
Margaret Barnett, HBoS

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Book an exploratory “Chemistry Call”


“Your presentation was inspirational – and practical – and fun!”
Peter Thomson, The UK’s Most Prolific Product Creator
“…a fantastic success and your session ended the day perfectly. It certainly stuck with the teams as the following day I witnessed teams setting their own visions which were way above the targets we had set them!”
Jim Hughes, Pepsico