Half-Day Masterclasses

Designed for Leadership Teams, Sales Teams, Customer Service Teams, and Business Project Teams, with anything from 6 to 60 attendees.
These can be one-off sessions or included as part of an Away Day or Regional Team Meeting or Sales Meeting, for example.

Often, these are held ‘off-site’ and have attracted the nickname, “Hotel Half-Days”.

Each session is 3-hours, and is interactive, action-provoking, high-impact and motivating, as well as providing some specific tools you can take away and deploy immediately to enhance performance and improve results.

Whilst every session is tailored to your needs, 3 key elements are available.
Some clients like Phil  to cover aspects of all three elements in just one session, others have these elements as a series of half-day sessions delivered over a set period of time.
The choice is yours, although Phil will guide you as part of an initial exploratory discussion.


The First Element – From Goal-Setting to Goal-Getting

How to cultivate the culture of achievement

  • Why 97% of businesses (and people) Fail to Achieve their True Potential… and what to do about it.
  • How to create a compelling world-class Vision
  • The M-A-R-S Formula (nothing to do with ‘work, rest, and play’)
  • Why your SMART goals are working against you.
  • The Mountain Stratagram … how to get your goals the right way round.
  • Creating a Master Plan – a Strategy, not a Straight-Jacket
  • ASMs. The 90-day goals system.
  • The FEVER formula: creating instant breakthroughs.


The Second Element – Taking Focused Action

How to enhance performance in your Key Result Areas

  • Business Beyond the Quagmire – How to get into the productivity zone.
  • Interference – Buzz, Fuzz, and FTI
  • Overcoming  the Procrastination Pandemic – how to go from ‘excuse-ing’ to producing.
  • The Key Factor – in any goal
  • KRAs and Enabling Structures
  • How to combine Persistent Progression with Big Bold Moves
  • The Resource Triangle
  • The Directors’ Time Effectiveness System


The Third Element – The Success Mindset

How to sustain the breakthrough

  • Understanding your Thought-Print and the Psychology of Achievement
  • Mindset Triangulation – how to change your state, enhance your performance, and dramatically improve your results, in an instant.
  • The power of emotion over logic, and how to utilise this in your thinking.
  • Power-Talk v Weak-Speak. Change your words to change your results.
  • Mohammed Ali knew this… so do you.
  • The Pele Principle… and a mindset lesson from Bill Shankly
  • The SP – How to get to the start line, regardless of where you are coming from.
  • 5-Star Self Upgrading – time to step forward. The easiest way to begin.
  • Creating Daily Rhythm and Flow
  • The ‘M’ Dome and the Stretch Zone – making any lasting change relies on this fundamental concept.
  • Habits Grids and The Olympic Challenge – 97% of our behaviour is habit-driven. So let’s improve some habits!
  • Your Visualis-ACTION Toolkit – an 11-minute daily ritual that creates lasting success.

These sessions are not just about ‘being more motivated’, although you will feel a whole lot better about the way ahead, as a team. They’re also about creating tangible results where you notice a difference in performance.
It’s not a quick fix, but you will notice some specific changes within a very short space of time, and many teams have felt the turnaround they needed began right here… .

If you feel your team could be performing better, could be reaching new heights, could be achieving even greater results
if you just want to inject some zest and give an extra lift to your away day…
let’s have an initial exploratory discussion.
email Phil’s PA, Sharon – Sharon@philolley.com