Following an exciting military career, Phil entered business in 1990 and from his wide experience of leadership, peak performance, sales and business, began to distil the ingredients of success into clearly understandable principles.

Following a Life-threatening (and life-changing) near-death experience, he established Phil Olley Consulting in 1999, and began working with a number of businesses and individuals to help them set goals, generate peak performance and grow their businesses.

He quickly became a sought-after inspirational coach and presenter and has worked with business people throughout the world, from SME owner-managers to strategic leaders in international brands. He has spoken for audiences of hundreds of people in companies such as Shell, Pepsico, Mars (Masterfoods), IOSH, Kellogg’s, and many more.

Phil has written articles and columns for business magazines, regularly features on BBC radio, and contributes to prime-time TV programmes, including having appeared a number of times on the Richard & Judy show!

His first book, Counting Chickens has “gone international”, a second edition being specially produced for an Asian audience; and his eagerly awaited new book, RESULT! Think Decisively, Take Action, Get Results, was published by Pearson in November 2012, and already special editions have been commissioned for both Japan and China.

In addition to speaking at conferences and business events, and running masterclasses and seminars, Phil works with select individual clients on a one-to-one basis in both the UK, and throughout the rest of the world.


Contact Information:

Freephone: 0800 043 5403

Email: info@philolley.devserver1.realpoint.co.uk

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