I’m declaring it official. It’s a pandemic. It cripples lives and businesses. Most people are susceptible to it.
So how do you recognise the signs of Procrastination, and what’s the antidote?

• An increase in waiting: Wait Watching
• And increase in displacement activity: Doing stuff that really doesn’t lead to the results you want.
• Capability paralysis: belief that you can do everything, therefore you should try to do everything, therefore you grind to a halt under a deluge of inconsequential activity.
• Lack of direction: likely to stumble into anything that crops up, and flounder around without knowing which way to turn. Inability to work in a straight line.
• Excessive Listing: too many lists of things to do, without ever tackling any of it.
• Foaming at the mouth: Blaming and babbling – a lot of chatter and excuses about what hasn’t been done, and why it hasn’t, rather than doing things that need to be done.
• Chewing the Could: talking a lot about what could be done. Invariably leads to indecisiveness (camouflaged as “keeping our options open”, “staying open to opportunities in times like this”, and so on).
• An increase in Static: inability to move.
• Extreme Shuddering, or rather Should’a ing… as in “we shoulda done this, and we shoulda done that” and “I shoulda done this, and I shoulda done that”.
• In extreme cases (and most cases are): can cause you to Be a Gonna… one day I’m Gonna do this, one day I’m gonna do that. In the end, you are a goner.

The Antidote:
• Clarity of direction. Purpose, Vision, Mission and Goals.
• Structure and Systems… make it turnkey
• Order and Organisation – clear the clutter
• Apply the FEVER formula (Focus, Energy, Vision, Enthusiasm, Reason)
• Visualis-Action techniques; take these once per day, and see the pandemic subside, and eventually free your life from it.
• A Focused Daily Action Plan (not a ‘to do list’). No excuses.