One of the things that struck me over these past couple of weeks whilst chatting with people before and after my engagements, is the amount of clutter and business treacle which seems to envelop businesses, and teams, and individuals. It is so easy to lose sight of the real objectives on a daily basis.

And those who succeed do so because they have managed to keep it simple. “Simple. Not necessarily Easy… but Simple!”

The reason many people overlook the simple approach is that they discount it as being unimportant. We live in a world which is fascinated by sophistication, by gadgetry, by clutter. And our minds are often so engrossed with this that we miss the obvious.

And when it comes to success, most people are looking for a complex answer, or some hidden secret, or magic pill; rather than seeing the simple solution.

What can you simplify?

Jot down the first three things that come to mind. Then decide to simplify the way you do them. This is one way of training the mind to look for the simple approach.

In business, there are phrases banded around like “Thinking outside the Box!” Yippeee! Sounds great. And I’m all for creativity, as you know.

Yet, sometimes it is used as a distraction; as a diversion from the fact that there are some very basic solutions Inside the Box, which if they were actually put into practice, done with consistency, and performed brilliantly, would dramatically transform performance, results and success.

So… what one thing could you do, that’s currently inside your box, which if you did on a daily basis, would dramatically improve your business?

Go with your Gut-Feeling answer. Keep it really Simple. And make it your key action for the month ahead.