Time is most people’s most precious resource, and the one which is most scarce.
Yet, time is so frequently wasted by many people… it just slides by.

Imagine your time is like water and is flowing through your life carried by a network of pipes that ensure your time gets to those parts of your life that need it.

Well, if these water pipes leak, we want to repair them.
And if these pipes simply lead to a drain, where the time water just flows away uselessly, we want to divert the pipe to make sure the time we need can be devoted to the parts of life which need it.

So, where are the Leaks in your time system?
What is it that Drains your time?
What is it that you can change to make better use of your time?

Tips for repairing the pipework:

Make a list of your Top 1- 3 Time Drains … those which currently cause you to lose the greatest amount of profitable time. You know what they are, I’m sure. Don’t be in denial over them. How can you regain the control, and stop the leak?

Handling Strategy: Next to each of your time drains, write out a handling strategy, a set of boundaries and ground-rules which will stop the leakage. Just as with any other time effectiveness tool, this is as much to do with awareness as with any neat trick which solves the issue.

A note on Relaxation Time:
I am all for relaxation time. It’s essential to have the right amount of rest, and I am a great believer in having hobbies and interests which help keep your batteries charged and keep you on the ball when it comes to work and business. Self-care should always include some time to just BE.

What is your number 1 Time Drain?
And what leak-stopping measures have you put in place?

The key is this: Don’t let the Time Drains become your default activity…

Once you apply this principle to the context of your life in general, it’s so easy to apply it to your business. Most people are frustrated by the same time drains in business.
Whether it is overlong/ ill-prepared/ ill-followed up meetings, an inability to overcome procrastination, poor delegation, or constant interruptions and distractions.
Don’t be too busy to stop the leaks.

Create handling strategies to ensure your time is well invested in the areas that create results and lead to your success.