Today is the anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo, at which Napoleon’s dream was finally ended.

When appointing his senior Generals, it is reputed that Napoleon always asked “Est-il hereux?”
The translation is, “Is he Lucky”. This, for him, was the difference between a good/ competent general, and a great one. It was a question of demeanour, attitude, mindset.

Interesting that the literal translation is “Is he happy?”
Napoleon and many others have noted the connection between Happiness and Luck (our own phrase, “Happy-go-Lucky”, may come from this, I don’t know).

And of course, at Waterloo, Napoleon himself was famously ‘unhappy’… suffering from illness and ‘not being at his best’ on the day. This had a marked impact on his ability to command the battle.

So too for you and I in our daily lives, in our professional careers, in our business ventures. Being ‘under par’ will have an impact.

And the real message: To increase your Luck, increase your Happiness.