The Wonderful Life and Brilliant Business can only be achieved by having Great Days. Not “fine” or “ok” or “not bad” or “fair-to-middling” days. Great days.
And Great Days can only be achieved by having Moments of Magic.

Moments of Magic are not what people may think.
They are not always, very rarely, almost never, instances of inspiration, creativity, or light-bulb flickers.
They are habitual, persistent progressions.
Doing the thing others simply don’t do.

Moments of Magic (habits) build to Wonderful Lives and Brilliant Businesses.
Many people think, and act, as if it’s going to be the other way around.
Have the Wonderful Life and Brilliant Business and then you will be able to follow the habits of the successful.
Nope, ‘fraid not.

Find your rhythm…
First, create habits in the structure of your life and in your key result areas.
This is the baseline, the rhythm, the platform from which you can generate and optimise the bold breakthroughs.

I’m reminded of the William James quote:
“To change one’s life
• start immediately
• do it flamboyantly
• no exceptions.”

Have a Great Day!