It’s a frequent situation, and one you may be familiar with.

You’re clear about where you want to get to… you have a purpose, goals, and a real desire to get there.
But something happens… something that derails you, or puts you further back than you were, or flattens you for a time…a setback.
It could be losing a job, losing a big client or piece of business, or even losing a relationship.

Here are the 7 key stages in overcoming such setbacks.
1. Take Personal Responsibility. You may not feel responsible for what has happened and the current position you find yourself in. But you are responsible for what happens next.
That’s Response-able. You are able to respond (not just react). You have a choice.
Being the equivalent of 2-nil down doesn’t mean you have “lost”… unless you declare the game’s over.
2. Refocus: on your Purpose, Mission, Vision, Goals.
Polish the Vision, engage with the Mission, see the Vision, make the Goals compelling.
3. Assess your strengths. Reconnect with your Unique Talent. – your abilities, skills, and passions.
4. Plan your escape route… from where you don’t want to be, to where you do want to be. A stunning plan.
5. Assess the immediate opportunities
6. Take huge action. Do something simple, significant, and bold that will move you forward.
7. Have a self-upgrade… your environment, the way you look, the way you communicate, the way you act, the way you think.

Remember, if the “good guys” were winning at the beginning, it wouldn’t make much of a story.
And you want your Life Story to be a great one!