Deadlines happen when a job, a task, just has to be done.
There’s a set timescale, and it’s looming.
It’s often someone else’s agenda, although it can be yours too.

Lifelines are saviours… they’re the ropes that keep us from sinking into deep water, from drowning in a sea of challenges.
They are our connection with the safety and security of the shoreline.

And they are the umbilical cord of your success.

If you want to turn your deadlines into lifelines, ask ‘how does this connect me with my success?’
Is it connected to my goals, to the results I want to achieve?
Will it give me more Life? More of the life I want, the business I want, the career I want?

If yes, it’s now a lifeline… make it a priority, bring it up the list.

It could be that just changing the word, the thought, from “Deadline” to “Lifeline” makes all the difference…