Have you ever walked into a room where there’s a radio on, and you immediately think, ‘that’s not quite tuned in’? There’s a sort of crackling, or a whistling to it. And yet, those people who have been in the room a while are oblivious to the interference.

In business coaching, I often refer to the term ‘interference’ in a slightly different context.
And yet, it is rather similar.
It’s the psychological barrier that exists between knowing what should be done, and actually doing it. Between Knowledge and Action.

Mostly this barrier comes in the form of self-doubt, old beliefs, lack of focus. In fact, I often use the terms “Fuzz” and “Buzz” to describe aspects of the ‘interference’… like a radio being not quite fully in tune.

Rather like listening to a slightly out of tune radio… at first it’s a real annoyance and a frustration. We notice the high-pitched whistle in the background and the constant crackling. But after a while, we become accustomed to it and we hardly notice that it’s out of tune at all. In the same way, sometimes the level of “Interference” in our lives, in our businesses, in our careers becomes an ambient state and we don’t notice the dramatic effect it’s having.

Sometimes, I walk into a business and wonder why no one else has noticed the high level of interference, crackling away in every part of the marketing, systems, people, managers, leaders.

Is it time you looked at replacing your old interference-riddled approach with a new, fresh, clear focus… Fully in tune? Take a step back. And take a sounding.