Advice for someone this week who was clinging to something that was not only no longer working, but that was now dragging them back. And I’m sure many will know what I mean about this…
“sometimes you have to let go of something lower down, in order to reach for the next handhold on your mountain!”

Letting go is about decision-making. Decision-making is made easier when you know where you want to get to. Success is simple, not easy. And sometimes you need to grasp the simple “inside the box” solution, rather than looking for the more complex/ easy solution.

Are you holding onto something which in turn is holding you back? In life? in business? Have the courage to let go and reach higher up on the route you really want to take.

You have to let go FIRST, before you can take the next step. In fact, the test of whether you are ready for the next step is whether you have let go of the previous handhold yet.

De-select those activities that don’t allow you to move up your mountain.