It was a terrific display of the highest professionalism.
It was a phenomenal display of composure, and skilful execution.
It was a formidable display of snooker at the highest level.

But more than that, for you and I, the World Snooker Championship Final over the Bank Holiday weekend was a masterclass in what it takes to be successful in any arena.

In business. In sales. In our relationships. With our health. Fitness. Finances.

Not only is snooker about potting the ball.
It’s about knowing where the cue ball will land, ready for the next shot. and the next. And the next.
It’s about having an overall plan, executing meticulously, and being prepared for the “unlucky double kiss on the blue” so that you can adapt for the next shot.
It’s about understanding cause and effect, and building to the one big goal.

And even the best in the world don’t come to the table expecting to pot all the balls with one shot.
It takes a series of shots. a series of steps that build towards the desired result.