Sometimes I meet people who know “all this stuff” about believing you can achieve great things,
they know “all this stuff” about there being no limits to human potential,
and they know “all this stuff” about planning, being focused, taking action…

But they still don’t DO it.
They don’t DO it because, whilst they know “all the stuff”, they JUST DON’T GET IT. They haven’t yet got the perspective right. They see it as academic… something to know about, and even to apply, occasionally (when they remember to).
In fact, deep down, they often don’t really believe it. They haven’t quite woken up to the fact that human potential is immense, and that they are Truly powerful.

Now… take a piece of paper, turn it so that you are looking at it Landscape.
Draw a Vertical line top to bottom, dividing the page into two parts…

I call this The Infinite Boundary.

Now, get ready to answer a question:
Start beyond the boundary (ie to the right) and write down the answer to the question:
What would be totally fantastic to achieve with my life/ business/ career… but seems an impossible dream?

You know, something totally impossible, huge, massive, unbelievable, a ‘magic wand’ vision. Picture what it would be like beyond your wildest dreams.

By the way, and here’s something to note, whilst it may have been written down as something beyond the bounds of possibility to achieve, by virtue of the fact that you’ve written it down, it must be conceivable and achievable. You have in effect taken the impossible and by engaging your mind have turned it, at some level, possible.

Now… come back one step.
Go to the left of the line and do the same, by answering the question:
what is just short of impossible, but still massive? …just one degree less.
After all, if what you wrote to the right of the line represented what was impossible and beyond belief, coming one step back to not quite impossible means that what you now write is possible.

Notice how you feel when you go beyond the boundary… excited? Many people tell me that when they do this they enjoy immense Clarity about what’s important? They enjoy a feeling of Freedom and Focus and a sense of Mission, of Purpose? And aren’t these the reasons why having goals are important?

You will certainly have a sense of wanting to get on with it… and needing a Stunning Plan to get there.