Many people set goals and targets at the start of a year, only to find that by the end of the first few months they are woefully behind.

It is always interesting to note at that stage all of the things you have achieved as well as how far behind you are in other areas. And in particular, in terms of understanding your own professional/ business performance, to look at the motivation you had to achieve those things that were attained, and ask “why was that missing with the unattained targets?”

In the vast majority of cases, you will see that all of those things you have achieved were driven by a strong Reason (a motive)… A Motive–to-Action… Motivation. Whether that motive was to avoid something unpleasant (financial difficulties for the business, the bosses’ wrath, for example) or to gain something pleasant (profit, promotion and pay rise, or better still something more profound!), it still provided a Reason to achieve the goal.
The message: when setting any target, apply a reason. Ask yourself why. And make the reason tangible, specific, personal.

So, what about your next goals…?