We have thousands of thoughts every day.
Most of them are negative!

No wonder…

A survey in Iowa recorded that in one day of all the statements made to 5-year olds, 432 were negative and just 32 were positive (a ratio of 14:1).

In the 12 months following Roger Bannister breaking the 4-minute mile, a further 43 people achieved the same target.

Interesting that what many thought they previously could not do became “achievable” once they saw the way.

So how can we change this natural tendency for negative thoughts?

It is time to slay the demon in your head! Yes, that demon… the Sub-Cranium Demon. The one who pops up and says, “You can’t do that” or “That’ll never work” or “You have never been any good at that”.

Time to replace that demon with your Inner Champion.
The one who says: “Yes, I can… Yes, I will… Yes, I am !”