Whether we like it or not, we have an inner image of ourselves.

Our outer world is a reflection of this inner image of our place in the world.

Your Belief about whether you deserve to be successful comes from powerful psychological associations with success; from many sources:
The way you Think
The words you say, and the way you say them.
The way you act, and your physiology.
The way you look.

It also comes from the subliminal messages mirrored back to us by other people. If they see someone who “looks successful”, and who acts successful, who speaks in a successful way, (or a way which they easily make a short-cut psychological association with “success”), they will refer to us as successful, behave towards us as if we’re successful, and speak to us as if we’re successful. That message spreads, and is contagious – throughout the universe – and therefore the people we meet become ambassadors for our success.

Does your behaviour match your goals?
Are you Acting the part?
Do you look the part?
Do you think the part?

Are you making best use of your best asset?