I am always suspicious when people claim to achieve every goal they set.

Similarly, there would be something dramatically wrong if none of the goals set were actually achieved.

Getting this goal-setting right has a massive impact on performance in any organisation, in any team, or in any business. And it has a marked impact when it comes to setting the next set of goals for the next quarter.

Getting off on the right foot.

So, here is a quick step-by-step process to help get your goals sorted for this quarter. It begins, of course, with taking the time to sit down and do it. No need for me to spell that lesson out, is there?

1. Remember the rules: begin with the long term, and go from macro to micro, general to specific. So only set goals for the next 90 days when you’ve got clear long-term vision, clear long-term goals, and clear goals for the current year. Then make these goals for this quarter very specific.
And measurable.

2. Write them down, clearly. Keep them in view: but keep them private… just for you.

3. Put them on an Index card which means you’ll read them every day.

4. Take immediate action. Create a “Butterfly moment”. Look for a big step you can take, and take that step within 24 hours. Even if it makes the butterflies do summersaults in your stomach!

5. Regime: make sure you have a regime which supports your goals. Create a weekly and daily “diet” that will allow you time and energy required to achieve them.

6. Block-busting: remove blockers. Give yourself the best chance of success, by removing anything which prevents you going for these goals.

7. Have a 5-star upgrade: upgrade your state of mind by:
i. the way you think about these goals… just decide to be positive about them
ii. the words you use in relation to these goals.
iii. the way you act in relation to these goals. Make your physiology strong… straight back, chest out, stomach in, head high! Powerful body language.
iv. The way you look: time to upgrade. It sends signals to you about the 90 days ahead.
v. Your environment: is it congruent? Consistent with the success you want? Have a clear out, and a clear up!

8. Apply the FEVER formula:
i. Focus… on what the achievement of these goals will be like. Focus beyond them.
ii. Energy: get active
iii. Vision: create instant pictures in your mind’s eye of the positive achievement of these goals.
iv. Enthusiasm: attitude is the key
v. Reason and Reward… what will be your reward? How will you feel to have achieved such a great 90 days? And what will you specifically give yourself as a reward?

Good luck!!!