The composer Gerschwin once sought the advice of fellow composer Ravel. In fact, he asked him for composition lessons. However, Ravel, who admired Gerschwin’s natural melodic flow, turned down the request, saying “better to be a first rate Gerschwin than a second rate Ravel!”
The fact is, there’s only one of you… and you have a unique talent.

Success belongs to those who can take their uniqueness and turn it out into the world, as a valuable resource for others. That’s how you serve your purpose and deserve your success.
De-serve… being of service.
To do this, focus on
– what you are naturally good at (your innate abilities)
– what you are expert, experienced and knowledgeable about (your developed skills)
– what you love doing (your particular passions)

Where these elements overlap (innate abilities, developed skills, particular passions) is where your Unique Talent rests. Focus on this crossover on that Venn diagram, so you can excel.
And that means, playing to your strengths… being a first rate YOU.
It’s best to be the best you possible. Yes, that imperfect, “room for improvement” you. It’s time for that you to shine.