Successful people have successful habits.
Unsuccessful people are victims of their unsupportive habits.

Successful habits are the root to success. In order to reach out and do something different and better than we have ever achieved before, we need to do the simple and significant things to take us there… every day. The way to succeed is with persistence in building these success habits.

Psychologists tell us that it takes approximately 28 days to cultivate a new habit. So a number of years ago I devised The Olympic Challenge programme which runs over 28 days.  It is designed to exercise your persistence and character muscles. In fact, the benefits go far wider than simply building new habits, and many people report that they simply changed their life in the 28 days of the challenge.

This is a very simple Programme…Simple, but not easy.

Let’s just break it down into a few small steps…

Step 1. You first choose 3 new habits you want to create. Things you want to Stop, Start or Improve (not necessarily one of each, but certainly don’t have all “Stop” habits).

Step 2. Identify a Reward and a Forfeit. That certainly focuses the mind, I can tell you! The Reward and Forfeit need to act positively to create motivation to continue the challenge at those points when it seems you just can’t be bothered!

Step 3. At the end of each day, complete a habits grid for each habit.

Step 4. Reach the end of the 28-day Challenge and hey presto… new habits. Celebrate your success. Enjoy your Reward.

To get the most from this programme involves absolute personal honesty, professional integrity, and commitment. In the first instance, when I work directly with people on their challenge, if I suspect they are “whimping” with their choice of habits, I will suggest heightening the volume or intensity a little to stretch them.

Doing the Olympic Challenge, you will certainly notice a massive change in the results you are achieving, and whenever I have run this with anyone, they always report that something major has happened to support them, whether personally or in business. Often people report that they have had their best month ever. Coincidence?… I don’t think so, but you can be your own judge.


Two compulsory habits

There are 5 Olympic rings, and so let’s have 5 habits.

So I’m going to add 2 habits to the three you have chosen that must be part of the challenge.

Habit 4: Daily Action Planning.
Write an Action Plan at the start of each day. Note: an Action Plan, not a “to do list”. There’s a difference. Whereas a “To do list” is just a pile of stuff, with no sense of priority order, an Action Plan is proactive.

Habit 5: A Daily Highlight.
At the end of each day write at least one “highlight” – not more than 17 words – a specific result you achieved in the day, or something particular that stands out about the day. This doesn’t have to be related to your habits, just anything positive that made the day a good one.


Good Luck!

Before you embark on the challenge, give yourself a pat on the back (metaphorically!).


Because, if you have come this far and are committed to doing this, you are already ahead of those poor souls who have, for whatever reason (and boy have I heard a few crackers!), decided not to be a Gold medallist. They have decided to stay at home and be a spectator in life; to “watch life’s Olympics unfold around them.”

For you have now “stepped up to the start line.”

And I know how that might feel…

You may be having a “Butterfly moment”, where you feel the butterflies doing somersaults in the pit of your stomach. That’s a good feeling. It tells you that you are making an exciting and important step. Yes, it feels a little like stepping into the unknown. Yes, it feels a little frightening to be taking on a challenge. But we know you can do it. In fact we know that if you really want to, you will do it. So, all you are now doing is making a decision to do it. Simple.

If you are thinking “oh no! I must be mad to be taking this on” then great! Remember MAD, stands for Making A Difference, and I know that the Olympic Challenge will do just that for you!

I want you to win your own personal Gold Medal. And whilst I have devised this challenge, in the end, your success is down to you. Stay focused on the reward, and embrace the challenge. Be determined to win your personal battle. It really is worth it.

I wish you every success