As we near the end of summer, it’s time for the Harvest season.

“You’ve got to learn to sow in the spring or beg in the fall” – Jim Rohn.

In many businesses, and often for individual sales people, a good sales period is followed by a bad one in an almost predictable cycle. And sometimes the timescale can be short, so a good week can be followed by a bad week, and so on.

It is critically important to recognise that you are doing enough of both – harvesting and sowing. But how many people really monitor this? I don’t mean by having complex computerised record keeping systems. I mean just keeping a simple, highly practical, very visual, record of productivity/ activity.

There’s an old business adage; What you can Measure, you can Manage.

Why not produce a simple colour coded chart to help you monitor your performance, in your key result areas.