For those who aren’t familiar with the works of Tolkien (is there anyone left on the planet who hasn’t at least seen the Peter Jackson films?), a Balrog is a mythical creature… a demon. It appears in the story as a huge, menacing beast of fire, some say with enormous wings, making them appear even more sizeable.

Those more familiar with the legend will know that it was The Balrog that brought down Gandalf in the Mines of Moria, with a final lash of his whip, even after he had been tumbled from the bridge into the abyss.

For those who are very, very familiar with Tolkien’s writings, you will know that Balrogs have the power to change shape.

So, a balrog is a menacing beast, whose shadow like wings make it appear bigger, that can change shape, and whose final lash of the whip, can bring down even the best wizards.

We all have our Business Balrogs…

They appear menacing. They even change shape. And the lash of their whip can have dire consequences.

Procrastination might be one.

Getting dragged down into the abyss of the day-to-day, rather than standing above in the Strategic sphere might be another.

You may have one particular Business Balrog you can think of right now.

But they can be slain…

With a little focus.

Have a Terrific Tuesday.