“It takes six weeks to prepare an impromptu speech.” – Mark Twain.

I speak a lot. Have done for years.

People tell me they dread standing up and delivering presentations.

I love it.

People ask me how I prepare.

Well, over the years, I have found a formula that works for me in preparing a speech that I can deliver confidently.

Here it is:

A = Awesome Opening. This is about gaining attention, and creating a sense of intrigue, mystery, curiosity so that the audience wants to hear more. I include a “landscape” for the talk … a story or vignette that encapsulates the essence without getting into the meat of the content. I also end this section with something I call a “ProLink” that gains permission to move to the main part of the speech…

B = Breakthrough to change. All speaking is about encouraging change. We want a result for the audience. Often this section is completely missed by presenters, and yet it’s essential to create the context for the rest of the content.

3 = the three main points of content.

S = a sensational sign-off. Something memorable and moving that inspires action in relation to the objective for the speech.

So there it is… some secrets out of the bag. If you want to spruce up your presenting style, I’m happy to go through this with you in more detail. Anytime.