Many people tell me that they instinctively know when they have just gone “off the boil”, even before it starts to truly manifest itself in any downturn. There are some key personal indicators, and there are also some business indicators peculiar to every business. These can act like a barometer. And we instantly know when our “vital signs” are poor.

Rather like in the medical world where the professionals look for “Vital signs” it’s important we know what to do when these signs are low.

Head = Mindset
Heart = Passion and Enthusiasm
Lungs = Energy
Organs = Activity

So what do you do when your “vital signs” drop?

I recommend a specific handling strategy. It could include:

i. Taking time out to think

ii. Re-visiting your Vision

iii. Re-writing your long term goals

iv. Re-setting your short –term goals

v. Re-establishing focus … and how you are going to deploy your time/ energy

vi. Clearing the clutter: getting organised

vii. Having a self-upgrade: what do you need to change in terms of the way you look, act, your environment, the way you think, the words you use?

viii. Having a professional upgrade: what can you improve in terms of your knowledge, skills, actions/activity and systems?

ix. Having a business upgrade: what can you instantly change in terms of your marketing, “shop window”, business processes, your team, your client interaction: how can you “Wow” them?

x. Having an opportunities brainstorm… opening up the business arteries

xi. Making some KIT calls (“Keep in touch” : with your best clients)

xii. Take an easily accomplished task which when you’ve done it you know will make you feel better

xiii. Doing something special for YOU

The extent of the handling strategy will depend on specific circumstances, and might only be doing two or three of these things, and taking only an hour or two. Or it could be doing all of these (and more) over a day and a half! The important thing is to notice when your signs are low, and take action to remedy immediately.