A number of years ago, I frequently went into the Recording Studios to record personal development and business growth CDs. Not exactly the rock star lifestyle, I know, but it always made for a very interesting morning – just being surrounded by all that gadgetry!

Stuart (owner / studio manager / musician / excellent recording engineer / and maker of a mean cup of tea to boot), has bags of talent.

And one particular interchange, during one particular session, caught my attention…

He marvelled at the material – my “outline script” (a sheaf of notes) and was bowled over by the fact that, just as on previous occasions, I managed each section in a single take.

He complimented me.

We then talked about the need to have a background musical chord sequence with one of the “live” exercises on the CD.

Stuart stood up from his console, turned to an adjacent keyboard, and said “You mean something like this?” …and promptly knocked out a perfect piece, recorded it, added some effects, and laid it onto the recording.

One take.

I complimented him.

He became embarrassed (though I could tell he was rather proud of his creation), and almost rebuffed my praise by saying “Oh well, it’s easy, y’know. Anyone can do that… it’s nothing special…”

Nothing Special?! Nothing Special?!!!

Isn’t it incredible how we always underestimate our own talents, and view them as “nothing special”… nay, almost worthless?

We assume that “anyone can do that”, so natural does it seem.

The fact is that we hide our “lights under a bushel” far too often.

Time to let you true talents shine… and when someone compliments you, just say “Thank you”, and accept their praise for your special gift.

So, what is your Unique Talent? Are you majoring on it? Is the world appreciating it?

Time to shine.