Life is one big lesson…

1.  Trust yourself.

2.  Never put off a phone call.

3.  There are still only 24 hours in a day… and it’s plenty;
there are still only 7 days in a week … and it’s plenty;
and there are still only 52 weeks in a year… and it’s plenty.
But how many years in a Life time? Never enough. It’s later than you think.

4.   Look after yourself. Everyone else is too busy.

5.   Push your luck. You’ll be amazed at how far it will go.

6.   There is no substitute for just doing the great work! Dreams, translated into habitual sustained action, in a direction that builds… that’s the “secret”.

7.   Kindness really is magic.

8.   Care less about what others might think.

9.   Taking the brakes off makes for a fun ride… and super-performance!

10.  The imperfect YOU is perfect for Purpose.

11.  Life is not a competition. It’s a gift. You’ve already Won the Jackpot, simply by being here! You de-serve it.

12.  Having a plan puts you ahead of 80 percent of the “competition”. Having a plan that you act upon puts you ahead of the rest.

13.  Simplify.

14.  Success is a decision.

15.  Yield – one word, two meanings, begins with a “Y”… your “Why?”

16.  Demand the best of yourself, and nothing of others.

17.  In need of help? Ask.

18.  Never, EVER, Give up.

19.  Nothing is “forever.”

20.  Happiness is THE goal.