My uncle was a very young crewman in the RAF during World War 2.

He was involved in night bombing raids in the second half of the war. A terrifying and terrible experience, I am sure. Like many who went through it, he rarely spoke of it.

But during those night raids, you only knew when you were near the target when you were under fire and enduring the flak from the anti aircraft guns. The more intense the flak, the closer to the target.

The message for us is clear.

Recognise adversity. As a test. Use it as a motivation.

It can come from all sources. Sometimes it is simply imagined, and isn’t really adversity at all. Whatever it’s source, turn it to advantage by seeing it as life testing your true commitment to your goals. Use it as a motivation in the “I’ll show ‘em” mentality…

We know that this works wonders in sport, in business, in any field of human endeavour.

In fact, all achievement is made greater because of the adversity. It’s only a goal worth achieving if there is adversity.

Weakness / overcoming adversity / facing your greatest challenge is the Goal.

Your finest hour is heralded by adversity.

Never overlook the Power of Adversity when going the extra mile in achieving your goals.