It seems a common problem in many workplaces to have people who are constantly complaining, whinging, sowing negative seeds… and often about the most trivial things.

Being able to deal with these “Energy Vampires” is crucial.

Energy is defined as “the power to do work”, and so slaying the Energy Vampires is essential in any team, organisation, business, or indeed any walk of life, particularly in the current climate where working at full capacity is essential to achieve the highest possible results.

Vampires are slain with a stake through the heart in all the best films!

So here’s how to slay the Energy Vampires you encounter:

S = Smile at them as they attempt to drain your energy

T = Take control. Don’t let them advance. “Whilst I would love to carry on chit-chatting…”

A = Appreciate their view “ …and I appreciate what you are saying…”

K = Knock it on the head. End the conversation, “ … however, I am going to get on with… so, if you’ll excuse me.”

E = Exit, enthusiastically.

Remember, Vampires can exist in many forms, so not just in person, but online, over the phone, via email. Be on your guard.

And like any predator, they will always pick on the weakest prey. So make sure you keep your energy levels high by avoiding energy drains; creating positive energy by your thoughts, words and actions; and maintaining high energy with your fitness, rest and attitude.

And if the Vampire is in your own head, like the “Sub-cranium Demon” that keeps giving you negative thoughts (you know that voice that tells you that you can’t do this or that, or you are no good at this or that, or dwelling on past battles, blaming everyone from the CEO to the weather for all the ills of the world), release your Inner Champion to slay the beast– imagine your Van Helsing champion character, your highest possible self, leaping into your mind. The demon, the Vampire, shrinks away, becoming a pile of dust, then a single spec, and finally disappears.