I hear lots of people say things like, “well, I’ll get onto doing something about that goal once I’ve got myself organised, once the children are older, once the weather gets better, once the football season finishes…” and so on.

Something’s always not quite right… either it’s the wrong time, or they’re too busy, or it’s the wrong market conditions, and so on, and they allow these things to prevent them getting on with achieving (or even, in some cases, even starting).

And then there are others who start out on the journey to a goal with great intentions, but when faced with the first signs of adversity, they slip back into a more comfortable position, and even deny that they had the goal in the first place.

To have an extraordinary life full of success and achievement, we must join the group of people who do differently.

The Breakthrough is in the realisation that everything is here right now for you to achieve your Vision, your extra-ordinary life. It is all in your hands right now.

So let me ask you this…

If you had a jigsaw puzzle with all the pieces scattered out on the floor in front of you, and they were all blank/white, how difficult would it be to assemble the jigsaw?

Right. Very difficult.

What we must realise is that the difference is in the pattern on the pieces… this is what allows you to solve the puzzle.

Most people have all the pieces… indeed they may even have a sort of pattern on them. And some people need to get that pattern sorted out for themselves. They may even need to get one or two more pieces right. But the vast majority of people are born with all the pieces… the fundamental pieces they need to have to build a successful life.

But for many people, they never experience the sudden dawning of the fact that it is they who have to decide on the pattern. All the pieces are there for you right now. You just have to decide to make your own pattern and put the puzzle together.

To remind me of this I have a quote in my inspiration folder from Henry Ford;
“People say I started with nothing. They are wrong. I started with all there is.”