Possibly the biggest lesson, on reflection, is that some of these are the same, or similar, to the lessons of a year ago.
Life is one big lesson…

Possibly the biggest lesson, on reflection, is that some of these are the same, or similar, to the lessons of a year ago.
Life is one big lesson…

1.    Never assume, but always go with your true instinct.

2.    Trust yourself. You Are Capable.

3.    Courage is more important than any other quality. Bold Action always works because it makes you care. And who cares, wins (and, by the way, that’s why it sometimes hurts).

4.    Engaging with great people is crucial. Engaging with those who love you is essential.

5.    Quote of the Year:
“There are those who dream all day. And there are those who work all day. And there are those who dream for an hour, before setting to work to fulfil those dreams. Go into that third category, for there is practically no competition.” – Stephen Ross.

6.    Knowing when to stick to your guns and when to flex is a real skill.

7.    …as is knowing when to keep your powder dry and when to be outspoken.

8.    People only value what they pay for.

9.    Deserving = Being of Service (De-Serve). Deserve Success.

10.    I’m privileged to do what I do.

11.    You must work more ON yourself than ON anything else.

12.    Turning up puts you ahead of 97 percent of the competition… and I mean really Turning Up.

13.    There are still only 24 hours in a day… and it’s plenty;
there are still only 7 days in a week … and it’s plenty;
and there are still only 52 weeks in a year… and it’s plenty.
But how many years in a Life time? Never enough. It’s later than you think.

14.    Failing to give of your best, is sacrificing the Gift.

15.    Look after yourself. Everyone else is too busy.

16.    Push your luck. You’ll be amazed at how far it will go.

17.    You are your own experiment. Test yourself, surprise yourself, learn from yourself.

18.    There is no substitute for Hard work! Dreams, Belief, Desire, Focus, Discipline and Persistence, translated into sustained action, in a direction that builds… that’s the “secret”.

19.    Kindness really is magic.

20.    Always choose the best.

21.    Quality always Matters. And Qualities always Matter.

22.    Authenticity: the real you is more valuable, funny, engaging, attractive than the one you might be wearing.

23.    Care less about what others might think.

24.    Beware the Time Drains. Stopping those leaks creates new energy, new life.

25.    You can start living your real Vision NOW … if you choose.

26.    There will always be someone cleverer, someone richer, someone taller, someone more handsome or prettier, someone with a bigger house, someone with a better car, someone “better”, someone with more… Always. And it doesn’t matter. The Best YOU is Perfect for Purpose.

27.    You are doing better than you think, but not as well as you might.

28.    Life is not a competition. After all, you’ve already Won the Jackpot, simply by being here!

29.    Small changes can take forever. But the biggest and most significant changes can be instantaneous.

30.    Having a plan puts you ahead of 80 percent of the “competition”. Having a plan that you act upon puts you ahead of 99 percent of the rest.

31.    Simplify.

32.    Decide… you’ll feel much better for it.

33.    Yield – one word, two meanings, begins with a “Y”… your “Why?”

34.    Let go of ALL personal grudges. We are all just Humans Being.

35.    Choice is an illusion. Freedom is an illusion. All the best stuff in life is an illusion. You have the freedom to choose your illusion.

36.    At the heart, the core, of every situation (every problem, every challenge, and every opportunity), there’s a person. Moving forward comes down to communicating in the right way, with the right person.

37.    We’ll never know what it’s all about… WE have to create what it’s all about.

38.    Demand the best of yourself, and nothing of others.

39.    This is YOUR Journey. People come and go. Friendships come and go. Let them.

40.    People will only ever do anything for their reasons. And they’ll do ANYTHING if their reasons are strong enough.

41.    Never, EVER, Give up.

42.   Happiness is THE goal.