You know how, when faced with a big decision which requires guts and some faith, you get that feeling in your stomach, some say like butterflies… but more akin to stampeding elephants!

If you can’t remember the last time you had that sensation it’s highly probable you aren’t challenging yourself enough. Because the sensation comes at that split second when you have made a bold decision, when the release of adrenalin hits you. It is a sense of excitement as well as fear. Many people associate it with the latter and quickly rescind or shrink back from the step forward.

It’s like being 9 years old again, faced with a higher diving board at the swimming pool. As you teeter on the edge. If you take that plunge, the chances of you ever going back to a lower board are zero! You are now, forever, a “third board person”! But even operating from the higher board never feels as good as the first time you harnessed that butterfly moment and stepped off.

Creating a butterfly moment should be part and parcel of growing any business, any person. If you aren’t creating butterfly moments strategically in your business, you probably aren’t trying hard enough. In the words of Pink Floyd you may have “become comfortably numb”.

Seek out those butterfly moments, and embrace them.

What has been the Butterfly Moment you embraced in the past month?

And which ones did you miss? Which diving-board edges did you shrink back from?

And next time…?

With only 3 months left to finish the year 2015 with a real breakthrough, it’s time to step up to the edge, and take the plunge. Make one major project come to fruition in the next 90 days. And that means creating and embracing a Butterfly Moment.

Go on…