successOne of the critical elements in building a successful business is laying the foundations…

And the reason for this is CLARITY.

All the fancy marketing tools, all the great products, all the great service, must flow from having the foundations in place. Decision-making, strategic direction, marketing strategy, branding, even day-to-day operational decisions, become easier once you have the foundations right, because of the clarity that having those foundations in place brings. And that goes for whether you have a large team, a large organisation, or even as a small firm or business.

One of the keys to getting it right is to understand what I mean by “Clarity”. Some entrepreneurs have a laser focus on their clear vision. Fantastic. For others, it is a little misty.

To create clarity I say, “Write it down”. Not because I want to make it seem difficult. But because writing down your values, purpose, mission, vision, and goals:
•    Clarifies
•    Creates focus
•    Generates energy
•    Tests commitment… it’s the first step in telling yourself that you’re serious about your success
•    Allows you to revisit easily.

Many people tell me that they want to lay a powerful foundation, create a clear purpose, a direction for the business. But, so many haven’t done it yet. There are all the reasons in the world of course… 87 reasons why not…

…And yet…
And yet, once done, so many business people report how it has filled them with positive energy, focus, commitment, motivation, zest for life and business, and an immediate fresh sense – a feeling of being more successful. In fact, the great thing is that once the foundations are laid, and the new clarity exists, all the luck immediately starts to go in your favour, all the coincidences start to work for you. And you develop opportunities. Opportunities that launch business immediately onto a more successful footing. This is not a coincidence, of course.

Many people tell me they don’t really know where to start when it comes to writing these things down. Which is where using something like my Stratagrams comes in. Rather than just some “management document” laying unread in a stuffy folder on a dusty shelf somewhere in the corner of the office, they allow you to create a compelling, living, breathing, zest-ful, powerful purpose. One that is relevant, every day. That lives and breathes in the business, every day. One that inspires, informs, and illuminates, every day.

Foundations should not be hidden. They should be visible! That’s where the clarity comes from.