1. Did you make the Vision in tandem with your Lifeplan? The Business Vision is the enabling structure for all of the other long term goals you have.

2. Did you make the Business Vision with your Values clearly stated and in full view? Make sure you know your core values before starting the vision, and make sure they are reflected in the Vision. The Values of the company should be set out first.

3. Have you created and understood clearly the Reason behind your Vision? This is your Motive to Action. Use some searching questions to find your true reason to want to achieve it. Reason will stand out loud and clear in your Vision.

4. Did you begin with the right mindset – that nothing is impossible? (using the Infinite Boundary Stratagram)

5. Is your Vision in colour? The Vision should be alive, exciting to look at. Using colour sets it apart.

6. Is your Vision diagrammatic? … so can see it at a glance, particularly if you are a highly Visual person.

7. Did you begin with the end in mind? So don’t set the Vision based on what you have just achieved this year. Clear your mind of current levels of achievement, and of current blockers, challenges, problems.

8. Did you create the Vision first and the Strategy second? Remember, the Vision is NOT the Strategy. Create the Vision first. The Strategy (how to get there) comes next. Many people confuse the two and end up limiting the Vision because they can’t see a way to get any further than their current horizon.

9. Is the Vision stated in the present tense?

10. Have you used compelling words, emotive words, and phrases filled with passion, and include powerful associations with the success? Think in “Headlines”.

11. Have you asked yourself how it will feel to have got there? what will it look like? what will people be saying to you? One of the best ways to set this up is to have a conversation set in the future where you are describing how you got there.

12. Have you described the components of the Vision as if a Magic Wand had been waved and turned it into a Miracle? Describe the effect this would have on yourself, the business internally, the team, the business externally, your clients, suppliers, allies.

13. Did you make the Vision BIG enough? Think Large! Make it a stretch. A Quantum Leap forward.

14. Do you view the Vision every day? Use a Visualisation technique to embed it into your subconscious.

15. Do you Believe in the Vision, absolutely? Do you “Live it” every day?