Driving back from a speaking engagement the other week, it was Friday morning, and I had a long drive ahead. The sun was shining, I had music on, and was feeling relaxed. Spring is definitely here, I thought!

It’s at this time of year we turn to Spring-cleaning… and in business it’s no different.

Here’s how to do it:

1. Business foundations (Vision, Values, Mission, Goals, strategy… all clear?
2.  “Shop window” – what you project to the world; your brand; all you stand for; and how the world perceives your business; marketing materials, website, and so on.
3. Environment … is it clutter free?
4. Self – are you thinking, acting, and talking like a success?
5. Team – similarly, are they thinking, behaving, talking like a successful team? And are they committed to continued success?
6.  Business systems – simple, effective, clutter-free and operating successfully?

What needs cleaning up and upgrading in each of these areas?

What needs to Stop, what needs to Start, and what needs to Improve in each of these areas?

Make a hit list and go to work ON it.

And maybe it does mean getting all those niggly little jobs done and finally sorted, clearing out those dark business cupboards where nobody goes!

Just as a body finds it difficult to function with clogged arteries, and just as we feel re-energized when we spring clean, so too in our business and professional lives a “spring clean” will yield immediate results. It may be that a day dedicated to a “Business Spring clean” will energise you and your team at just the right time.