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“Fascinating range of tools and techniques which I am sure will help me to be more effective at work and in my life. Very Relaxed, non-threatening environment.Pleasure to be involved.”

Marian Sherwood. Scottish Enterprise Fife

“Thank you for your superb contribution last week. It was exactly what was needed. You will be pleased to know that every delegate spoke extremely highly of your contribution on their feedback forms and there is no greater accolade than that.”

Mick Knight, Sales Training Manager, Scottish Equitable

“Phil Olley is one of those rare motivational speakers who is able to leave his magic with his audience. Not only did he completely re-energise a diverse audience of Time Bank participants at the end of a heavy conference day, but for the rest of our UK Conference participants and speakers kept referring back to him. Time with Phil Olley is truly time well spent.”

Stuart Callison, Director, Time Banks UK

“Where to start? My whole attitude and outlook completely changed following our sessions. A confidence was stirred from within that I didn’t realise I had. We are now getting on brilliantly with great results. We smashed our target, and ended up 49% up against 2012. I literally cannot thank you enough for the wisdom that you imparted and the impact that you have had – it has changed everything!

Aimee Roberts

“I have had the privilege of being coached by Phil for the past 5 weeks and cannot praise his coaching abilities highly enough. Meeting with Phil and working with him has helped me focus on and clarify my personal and professional priorities and enabled me to set goals to help realise these priorities. His manner and approach are both professional and challenging, easing me forward with support, knowledge and encouragement.”

Tricia Grimes, MD, Momentum

Dear Phil


I am writing to thank you for all the help you have given me in the last 6 months. Your initial help with coaching techniques proved invaluable in my day to day dealings with staff who are now being far more creative and focused in their roles.


Everyone involved knows exactly what success is and what behaviours we expect of them to achieve it both for themselves and for the company.


More recently we have worked together on strategic issues for my own role. Our sessions have helped me spend time working on my business (as well as in it) with the result that I have the immediate future totally clear in my mind (and written down) and plenty of ideas for implementation in the months ahead.


Phil, I would have no hesitation in recommending your services to anyone. Please feel free to give my name and contact number to any prospective client who wishes to discuss what you have helped me achieve.


Once again, thank you for your help, and I am looking forward to our next session!


Yours sincerely

M D Knight, Sales Training Manager, Scottish Equitable

“As I’ve got to know Phil in his capacity as my personal coach, I’ve experienced an authenticity and level of commitment underpinning his considerable experience and know-how.

Phil strikes me as the genuine article!”

Mike Fitzpatrick

“Thank you once again for your invaluable input to our trainee consultant course.
Your session was exactly what was needed. Indeed, one of the delegates commented that he had learned more from you in an hour than in six months in the branch!”

Fiona Jones, Training Manager, Scottish Equitable

“Life was so fast-paced, and pressured, and I had little pleasure in it, and in fact hated my job!
You have illuminated what is important. with focus, I have slowed down, been promoted at work and have just completed a marathon! Thank you. There is no stopping me now. Work is great, and I am destined for great things. I will never forget what you have done for me.”

Jennifer Walker

“What a great session! Thank you so much; all the team really enjoyed the afternoon, and came away motivated and full of enthusiasm!
You have something really special that you share with everyone!”

Jayne Cahill

Blueprint Weekend Testimonials

“I really needed this time to focus on my business and its future. I now have the passion and drive to take it to the next level using the tools learnt on this weekend. Thank you for your delivery of this workshop at the exact time I needed it!”

Annabelle Webster
Timber and Damp

“Thank you! Focus and time to reflect have been critical to my future success. I’m leaving the weekend feeling energised, committed and passionate!”

Aimee Holland
Business Owner
Grow My Profit

“I found the weekend immensely helpful. It really helped us to set up focused action planbes, and made me believe we can grow our company significantly in the next couple of years. And there are tools and techniques I can really implement from day-to-day.”

Yuan Lin

“Good pace, good content, ideal environment. Ten out of ten!”

Pete Thomson

“This has been a thoroughly enjoyable and useful weekend. It has enabled me to clarify and timeline my Vision – and the stepping stones to ensure I achieve it!”

Mike Stokes
The Business Club (Lincs)

“A relaxing, friendly environment which did much for my confidence. The content was grounded and practical and can easily be adapted and implemented within my business.”

Andrew Morrison
Nobisco Ltd

“The masterclass has really helped me focus on what is important to me. Phil’s easy, relaxed style meant that I didn’t even realise the shift as it happened unbtil the massive change occurred, allowing me to shift into the 3 percent!!!”

Denise Stroud

“An excellent masterclass; very well presented. I’m very enthused and eager to get started on my climb to the top of the mountain!”

Craig Harley
Global Oil and Gas Company, Aberdeen

“Very clear Blueprint and the toolkit all flowed naturally, in the right order, so that the weekend came to a conclusion with the whole ‘kit’ coming together. I now have a master plan to work on. Fantastically inspirational!”

John Aitken

“A weekend filled with fantastic, thoguhbt-provoking ideas and techniques to build a more successful life which I will be applying to my goals – goals that I can now see a lot more clearly! Thank you!!”

Chris Williams

“A really inspoiring weekend – a chance to step out of the routines of life and refocus on what’s important, and on what I need to do to fulfil my dreams. Helped clarify so many things for me – the importance of a clear vision, and how many things hang on that – systems, structure, planning. So much information, and I feel I have the tools and now the time to put it all into practice.”

Rebecca Russell
Stepping Stones for Business

“The Blueprint weekend has begun a huge change in my life. The tools Phil has given me, the knowledge and understanding, and the action plan, is amazing! I can’t wait to get going on putting my plans in place!”

Chris Nagle

“The Blueprint weekend’s unique benefit has been to provide several critical practical and easy-to-implement methods to ensure my goals will be achieved. Lots of great ideas and techniques, with – importantly – frequent breaks between topics to allow concepts to ‘set’ before moving onto something else. ”

Ben Coker

“Thank you for such a life-changing weekend.”

Chris Healy

“I have found the weekend excellent. I now want to push myself and challenge myself – making a major difference to my life and business – pushing beyond my boundaries and extending my belief in my capabilities.”

Jackie Fallon

“Great Business Blueprint weekend. Lots of content, and lots of opportunity to ask questions. Phil is a great communicator and has the interests of his audience and their businesses at heart.”

Simon Wade


“Phil helped us transform our whole view of not only the business but our lives as a whole. If you are 100% serious about the growth of your business, about achieving even more than you ever imagined you could, we could not suggest a better person than Phil to work with, who was able to […]
Dwynwen Williams, Director, ATOM PR
“A brilliant day -the best seminar I’ve ever been to as it stretched me, made me question a lot of things, and still managed to be fun. I couldn’t sleep last night for excitement about what I am going to do!”
Christine Fieldhouse,Freelance Journalist & Author