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“Excellent. Totally focused and very supportive. Interactive and impartial. A real plus for myself and Kellogg’s. It has changed my life.”

Paul Bull, Kelloggs

“2008 was the year that I, “jumped off the Lilly pad”.  Huge thanks to Phil for some very specific “one to one” coaching.  One of Phil’s greatest exercises is to write your own “obituary”! Who gets the chance to do that? (and then make it happen!)

Phil’s techniques are allowing me to develop a future that has limitless potential. Phil’s focus on breakthrough results and breakthrough habits are invaluable to anyone who wants to take charge of their destiny and see the reward, either financially, emotionally, spiritually ……  whatever “ally” that is applicable to the individual will be the focus.

I experienced the coaching initially as part of a huge multinational where mind-mapping, mind-changers, and working on the Key Area’s of success were crucial to adding value to the organisation and of course climbing another corporate “rung” for a longer title and a slightly bigger pay cheque each month……


Strangely enough I am now experiencing the coaching as a self-employed entrepreneur where all the above have exactly the same relevance with just a different slant and perhaps a lot less predictability but… for me…. way more “personal” return !

I look forward to continuing the breakthrough results!!!!”

Pete Thomson

“Absolutely fantastic – great learning experience. Above all, I’ll take with me motivation, confidence, and future plans.”

Sarah Welch (National Account Manager, L’Oreal)

I attended your Success Workshop on Thursday and wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the experience. It was a delightful location and I would say an almost perfect setting for talking about success.
I was looking for certain things from the day, principally to find out what I needed to do and then some tools to get me under way. The day provided just that.
So, what have I done since? Well on Friday I set about “uncluttering” me and got on and cleared some old outstanding actions. I got myself a decent pad to create daily action plans and the cards to set about changing my mindset. It may not seem a lot but I have made a start.
I have also played your CD which reminded me of how to go about things.
This weekend it’s the ASMs and the cards to write!!
Many thanks and kind regards,

John Davison,Managing Director,Davison Engineering

“A must for anyone serious about their business”

Harry Fordyce

“Very professional and original. The concepts are brilliant!”

Susan Worthington,Blevins Franks International

“Excellent. The most valuable business course that I have ever attended!”

Ian Dickson, HBoS

“Thank you for the coaching – it has been great! This was the most important factor for me to really get into the areas of my personal development which I wanted. Not only did you force me to re-look at the training material, it also provided me with a unique opportunity to discuss, learn, and correct the action I took, and helped me stay focused on my targets.”

Frank Boutrup, Business Development Manager, 3M.

“I embarked on coaching with Phil with some trepidation, and was originally unsure as to how it might help. I was certainly sceptical, but knew I did need some help and advice, so I thought ‘what have a I got to lose?’ Well, after just one session I was converted. Phil helped me regain focus, a new belief in myself, and zest for life and business that I haven’t felt in all my years in business. I am now waking up before the alarm clock, raring to go every day, and even those closest to me have noticed a huge shift in my approach. The use of just a few of Phil’s tools has resulted in a massive boost to me, both personally and professionally.”

Paul Riordan, Managing Director, No. 9 Steels Ltd.

“Excellent. There was not one part of the programme that I did not find useful, and the whole programme was a very powerful and positive experience.”

Angela McIntyre, Bank of Scotland

Blueprint Weekend Testimonials

“I really needed this time to focus on my business and its future. I now have the passion and drive to take it to the next level using the tools learnt on this weekend. Thank you for your delivery of this workshop at the exact time I needed it!”

Annabelle Webster
Timber and Damp

“Thank you! Focus and time to reflect have been critical to my future success. I’m leaving the weekend feeling energised, committed and passionate!”

Aimee Holland
Business Owner
Grow My Profit

“I found the weekend immensely helpful. It really helped us to set up focused action planbes, and made me believe we can grow our company significantly in the next couple of years. And there are tools and techniques I can really implement from day-to-day.”

Yuan Lin

“Good pace, good content, ideal environment. Ten out of ten!”

Pete Thomson

“This has been a thoroughly enjoyable and useful weekend. It has enabled me to clarify and timeline my Vision – and the stepping stones to ensure I achieve it!”

Mike Stokes
The Business Club (Lincs)

“A relaxing, friendly environment which did much for my confidence. The content was grounded and practical and can easily be adapted and implemented within my business.”

Andrew Morrison
Nobisco Ltd

“The masterclass has really helped me focus on what is important to me. Phil’s easy, relaxed style meant that I didn’t even realise the shift as it happened unbtil the massive change occurred, allowing me to shift into the 3 percent!!!”

Denise Stroud

“An excellent masterclass; very well presented. I’m very enthused and eager to get started on my climb to the top of the mountain!”

Craig Harley
Global Oil and Gas Company, Aberdeen

“Very clear Blueprint and the toolkit all flowed naturally, in the right order, so that the weekend came to a conclusion with the whole ‘kit’ coming together. I now have a master plan to work on. Fantastically inspirational!”

John Aitken

“A weekend filled with fantastic, thoguhbt-provoking ideas and techniques to build a more successful life which I will be applying to my goals – goals that I can now see a lot more clearly! Thank you!!”

Chris Williams

“A really inspoiring weekend – a chance to step out of the routines of life and refocus on what’s important, and on what I need to do to fulfil my dreams. Helped clarify so many things for me – the importance of a clear vision, and how many things hang on that – systems, structure, planning. So much information, and I feel I have the tools and now the time to put it all into practice.”

Rebecca Russell
Stepping Stones for Business

“The Blueprint weekend has begun a huge change in my life. The tools Phil has given me, the knowledge and understanding, and the action plan, is amazing! I can’t wait to get going on putting my plans in place!”

Chris Nagle

“The Blueprint weekend’s unique benefit has been to provide several critical practical and easy-to-implement methods to ensure my goals will be achieved. Lots of great ideas and techniques, with – importantly – frequent breaks between topics to allow concepts to ‘set’ before moving onto something else. ”

Ben Coker

“Thank you for such a life-changing weekend.”

Chris Healy

“I have found the weekend excellent. I now want to push myself and challenge myself – making a major difference to my life and business – pushing beyond my boundaries and extending my belief in my capabilities.”

Jackie Fallon

“Great Business Blueprint weekend. Lots of content, and lots of opportunity to ask questions. Phil is a great communicator and has the interests of his audience and their businesses at heart.”

Simon Wade


“Phil’s charismatic and energetic delivery… challenged us to raise our game, and rounded the day off with a breakthrough act that lifted the roof!”
Tracey Wright, Commercial Development Manager, IOSH
“Our April meeting produced a brilliant presentation from Phil Olley. Phil gave us an exceptional insight into our own internal thought processes, producing fast and fluent ideas in his own incomparable style.”
Bob Marshall, Chairman, LIA; as reported in Prospect magazine