Rich&Judy1Phil has written extensively in the business press, he’s a best-selling author of “Counting Chickens” and his latest book “RESULT!” was published by Pearsons and has already gone international.

He is no stranger to the press and media, having participated in prime time TV and radio programmes on success, personal development and business growth. He even appeared on Channel 4s Richard & Judy show a number of times!

Phil also regularly contributes to articles and feature pieces on these key topics in both the business and national press. Below is a selection of articles that have appeared in publications including:

+ Prospect magazine
+ The Market
+ Business Insight
+ The Sunday Times

Awesome Special Missions

Being a Result-a-holic

Generative Thinking

Golden Hours

Guerrilla Tactics for Business Breakthroughs

Know-Action v No Action

Learning to Thrive

Playing your trump card

Soft Skills for Hard Times

Start the day

The MARS formula

Tipping Points

Your Weekly Diet


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