…turns every day extraordinary!


The FOCUS Gym is  about “switching on your necktop”…

… exercising your mindset muscle and having an action plan that’s consistent with your goals… EVERY DAY.

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How does The FOCUS Gym work?

  • Daily audio sessions, led by Phil, last just 7 minutes and are designed to help you set out your Action Plan for the day.
  • This recordeding is available in the members area for download for the next 24 hours so you can access it at a time to suit you: anytime and anywhere in the world.
  • Private Members area online… goal setting, time management, peak performance templates, tools, and more techniques for improving focus, performance, and helping you your goals.
  • Initial 1-1 sessiona 20 minute introduction and exploration of your goals with your Personal FOCUS Trainer via telephone.
On joining, you receive your welcome email, and details to access the members area where you will find the daily download recording and a whole range of practical tools, techniques, templates and “levers” to help you improve focus and achieve your personal and business goals.
Need to know more before you take action?
… for a pdf brochure email with “Request FG brochure” in the subject line, and stating your full name.

To join, click below.


When you join you will also be contacted by email by your Personal FOCUS Coach to make arrangements for your optional 1-1 session.

The FOCUS Gym is not a Quick Fix, but you will experience very specific results within 28 days.

I very much look forward to welcoming you to The FOCUS Gym.